The history of brand Roberto Cavalli has always been linked to the use of animalier patterns. The beauty of nature is a source of inspiration for the creation of unforgettable red carpet outfits, as well as for the design of the unforgettable fabrics that upholsters the sofa and armchairs of the home collection.

Heart of the Roberto Cavalli aesthetic, the animalier patterns give life to a kaleidoscopic universe that invades every aspect of lifestyle to create an atmosphere that is both exuberant and sensually sophisticated.

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors celebrates the precious, sophisticated, audacious and intriguing spirit of the fashion house. The natural inspiration has always been an integral part of the brand that, over time, has been able to translate the colors and decorations of nature into a common language, from animalier patterns to elements taken from the plant or animal world. In the 2019 collection, the iconic symbols of the Maison pop up in the luxurious details and in the audacious wild animal patterns of the furniture collection.

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